The Kazuri Story

          In 1975, Lady Susan Wood set up a fledgling business making beads in a small shed in her back garden. She started by hiring two women, and quickly realized there were many more women who were in need of jobs. , So, Kazuri beads (Swahili for small and beautiful) was created outside of Nairobi, Kenya, on the former coffee plantation of Karen Blixen (of the Out of Africa fame). in 1988, Kazuri became a large workshop expanding to over 120 women. Today, it continues its long and successful journey as a help center for over 400 needy women, especially single mothers, widows, and those with special needs.

          Here women are trained and apply their skills to produce these unique and beautiful beads. The beads are made with the clay from the Mt. Kenya area. The factory acts as a social gathering place, offering free medical care, access to educational programs, and one jobholder's wage often provides for an "extended family" of 20 or more. Kazuri beads are Fair Trade Certified and Kazuri is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Kazuri's beautifully finished products are made to an international standard and are sold worldwide.